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Is giving a valentines rose to someone who doesn’t yet know you like them a bad idea?

I like a girl yet have been unable to summon the courage to tell her I like her. Would giving her a rose on Valentines day be a bad way to tell her of my feelings, would it be going too far?

Any other advice on how to ease the conversation into telling her I like her would be really good too, she’s rather shy as am I.

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14 Responses to “Is giving a valentines rose to someone who doesn’t yet know you like them a bad idea?”

  1. Sparkle said :

    um no girls act cool…when they get roses at school or something…go ahead and do it but you might not get a date from her still…and you will just allow her to act cool on front of people and feel special…LOL

  2. fanatic said :

    No its not a bad idea. IT IS SO SWEET. I wish the guys who liked me gave me roses instead of telling me 20years later lol. Go for it and good luck

  3. Timmy's girl said :

    It’s never a bad idea to give someone flowers….unless they are involved with someone else. If this girl is single go for it! Maybe try writing a note with the flowers asking for a dinner date.

  4. bibo said :

    no absolute not, it’s valentine!

  5. Ann R said :

    that is sweet. I think she would love a rose, and it would certainly open the door for conversation. just be sure of yourself. and remember, if you seem confident, she will find you irresistible. Good luck.

  6. MondE said :

    better do it now than late!

  7. Jess Marie said :

    I think it would be cute!!!

  8. Man said :

    who cares?
    just get it out their brother
    i had that problem and lets just say it worked out sweet
    on the plus she’s shy so she won’t make much a commotion and embarrass the heck out of you if you tell
    another thing there aint no such things as easing your self into a conversation with a shy girl, what you’ve got to do is give it to her straight, preferably if you see her alone
    just walk up directly in her line of sight so she doesn’t jump and squeal if you suddenly come from behind like a stalker and hand her the rose in the most romantic way you can e.g bend over slightly and ‘present’ it to her
    if all goes to plan you have yourself a new friend
    if not still act nice and mushy around her like you’re still interested, then someday she might succumb to your charms ;D

    man i’m really getting tired of telling you newby junior kids on how get a woman’s heart.

  9. J.J. said :


    Pick anything but a red rose, which stands for love and may scare her off.

    I would pick a white rose for purity and write her a very short note saying something like “This rose is beautiful. Its beauty and loveliness does not hold a candle to you.”


    A few days later, maybe ask her out for a simple, short event, like going out for a milkshake.

    Let things go slowly and you may find she likes you too over time <3

    Best of luck- you sound so sweet.


  10. Cindy said :

    How sweet of you.
    Actually it’s a first move, and it is really a good idea. Let the flowers talk for you. ((wink!)) Don’t forget the chocolates as well. Sweet indeed.
    Sooner or later you will find yourselves talking to each other ….
    Good luck!

  11. Tina Ade said :

    A rose flower signifies love. and could be given to any boby at any time not just on valentine’s day. but if you really care about her just go ahead and tell her your mind and intensions towards her because as a babe, i’ll respect a guy that will look me in the eyes and tell me he loves and care for me then the flowers can follow. please shine your eyes!!! Dont be shy!!

  12. Jes said :

    dude- don’t wait. tell her now so that she might actually be your valentine by valentines day. and say that- ‘I couldn’t wait till valentines day to ask you to be mine’. also- I understand that it is normal to think that red roses are romantic, but consider your audience. me personally- I hate them. why? because I am the creative type and I want originality. if she is artsy at all, you may want to think harder about what kind of flowers to get her. carnations often seem cheap, so you might want to avoid them- but yellow roses and daisies both represent friendship. roses being the more mature choice, and daisies being more fun. how do you want to represent yourself???

  13. atdiw said :

    I’m not trying to be a asshole but you said you have been able to summon the courage, and that’s maybe because of your looks? Meaning she’s out of your league right. If you do go threw with this plan, be sure to give it to her face to face and not have someone do it for you and be sure she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

    Iono it seems like a good gesture and not really over doing it but you better hope she finds you attractive.

  14. Sydney said : is “True love”..Yellow or white is offering a friendship to begin w/ women are more likely to feel “at ease” to start a friendship before a relationship..that goes deeper..My husband , when he met me for first time He gave me a “cut yellow rose” out of his parents back yard..LOL..If hed given me a “red” one Id be very suspicious..You need to look up what colors of the roses stand for..Id be on safe side and give her a white or yellow..for blossom..for you said she doesnt “know you yet”..I dont that would be going too far to let her know how you feel..and also say to her “that you want to build your friendship, and whatever happens from there”…happens..’)God bless..Hope all this works out for you..Im a romantic…I love to see people happy together..and this will be a romantic story to tell later in life.;)


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