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is a ipod shuffle a good valentines gift for my boyfriend?

me and my boyfriend have been dating a lil over two years now…and he recently got me a diamond promise ring…i have to admit it looks like an engagement ring…its a princess cut 1/4 carat diamond…anyways…is an ipod shuffle a good valentines day gift for him?

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5 Responses to “is a ipod shuffle a good valentines gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. carzgamez said:

    no way that is the worst present ever if you are thinking of buying him an mp3 player consider the ones that are the same price as a shuffle but have a screen or raise your money and get him a proper ipod with the screen if all this doesnt work consider tickets to a sport he likes watching or and event or even some kind of gadget the more original the better.

  2. whitz said:

    im sure he’d love it, but i dont know if it’s reallyt a ‘valentine’ gift…. personally i’d go for something more personal or romantic…. BUT da da dum, good idea, load it with songs that are meaningful the the two of you, or just his faves, and then it would be much more personal

  3. Lee F said:

    There are other MP3 players that have a screen and hold many more songs than a shuffle for the same price.

    The ZUNE holds 30GBs [the same as a 350 dollar iPod], and it’s only 128 bucks.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Give him something that shows it came from your heart and that you put some thought into it. Maybe give him a chain with personalized names of you and your bf’s on it. Or just simply set up a romantic picnic or dinner for just the both of you. An ipod for a v-day gift is a little too much and it’s really inappropriate for this day.

  5. magnificatdarknesso said:


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