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If your loved one didn’t get you a Valentines day gift would it be an issue?

People say that Valentines day is just a scam, but saying this how come people are still gutted when they don’t get a gift or anything from the person they love?

I don’t get it.
The government wants YOUR money!!

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12 Responses to “If your loved one didn’t get you a Valentines day gift would it be an issue?”

  1. AuSsieLvnFiLiPiNa949 said :

    no im my own valentine BWAHAHAHA

  2. ammy said :

    hmmm yeahhh neither do i…….. i just hate valentines…. i dont get the point!!!!!!

  3. 1887 Girl @ <3 said :

    I really would not mind. I don’t like material objects the way many people I know seem to.

  4. ROCK.OUT. said :

    I think its the visual aspect. Its a day where everyone openly shows their love to their partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife…. I think if it were an obscure holiday that no one knew about people wouldn’t care as much. But since Valentines Day is something that people know couples are all about.. its a big deal for them to “show off” what they did/got on this day.
    Pretty cliche, I know… but that’s my take on it.

  5. Tommy K said :

    Cool it man….scam or no scam….a gift doesn’t have to be big. Noone says you must buy $2.5K ear rings. Chocs, flowers can suffice.

  6. Noah B said :

    this answer varys did you get her/him one. dslf;dfsallsjd

  7. Abbey..x said :

    well its based on you opinion reli whether u think its a scam or not?!..i personaly think its a great thing to share once a year with your partner, you are gettin one day a year to show to them how much you love them and reminding them how special they are to you!
    ….so i dnt think its a scam its somethin sweet to share with ur loved one1.x

  8. Mailbox Cage said :

    i don’t care about getting anything for valentine’s day. my husband and i don’t get to see each other very often, so his mom watching our son so we can spend time alone together is the best thing ever!

  9. Pink said :

    I wouldn’t care and won’t care when this day comes. My husband spends lots of time with me and cares about me everyday.

    We will be painting the living room this weekend. He has already asked me if I want flowers, teddy bears, jewelry…I said no. The flowers will die, the teddy bear will probably be in my way and I have more than enough jewelry.

    We usually save money, time and the overall hassle by pooling our money together and getting something big for the both of us. Like a new TV or laptop.

    Good luck to you!

  10. Stephanie W said :

    It’s not about buying things. It’s about showing how much you love them. Me & my boyfriend aren’t buying anything for each other but we are making a gift that comes from the heart and spending the day together. So yes uf he didn’t take time out of his day to throw together at least a card I would be mad cause that is just plain lazy.

  11. PACKERBACKER_1111 said :

    When I forget to get my woman a gift for Valentines Day I hear about it the next day. First off she won’t speak to me the whole day of Feb 14 if she’s not greeted with a gift. The next day she’ll finally let it all out and say, “How could you forget to get me something on such an important day?” Important my ass!!!!! I agree, it’s just a scam day. A day for people to go out and spend a crap load of money on dinners, chocolates, getting a room for the night when you own your own home, vanentines day cards and lots of other b.s.
    The way I see it is I get my woman something all the time, for ther b-day, christmas or just any occassion, doesn’t have to be valentines day. I also pay all the bills and for the BMW she drives. I rub her feet at night, so, do I really need to get her something on Feb 14? Nah, i’ll get it on the 15, 16 or March 14. Feb 14 is just another day.


  12. JO said :

    Nope. best gifts come free 🙂 HUGS <3


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