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Ideas for a first date on valentines day?

I wanna ask a girl to do something for valentines day whats a good idea for a first date. and when would be a good time to ask her?
And do u think i should get her a gift

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5 Responses to “Ideas for a first date on valentines day?”

  1. love2belove said:

    yep .. a simple gift but meaningful is good .. go to dinner, movie or beach? or something fun and exciting like cartracing? lol

  2. denise said:

    Just ask her. How about a small restaurant where the tables are small and the food is not too high. Give her a heart box of candy and a single rose.

  3. Becca said:

    take her to the movies and let her pick the movie out and after the movie take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant!

  4. snickerdoodles said:

    Dinner at a nice restaurant is always good. The gift should be inexpensive for a first date. Maybe candy or a stuffed cute animal!

  5. Kimberly C said:

    a rose. toss it to her. and on a card, write ‘do you want to go on a date’. then confidently walk over to her and say “my treat” and wink (or try to)

    that is MY flirting way… in a guy’s view.

    I’M A GIRL!


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