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ice skating valentines date?

we are going ice skating on a double date. What should I wear?

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6 Responses to “ice skating valentines date?”

  1. kolbi said :

    something warm lol.
    i would wear some nice skinnys, a aero hoodie, a cute little hat and some gloves.

  2. terra said :

    Idk wear what ever you want but I agree with kolbi’s idea.

  3. S.T said :

    Long jeans and long sleeves are best for beginners. If you are good at it, wear mini skirt 🙂

  4. K K said :

    Don’t wear a mini skirt, that would just look stupid. Wear pant and a nice sweatshirt or sweater and bring some gloves.

  5. K L said :

    DO NOT wear jeans. Jeans get wet very easily and take forever to dry, are stiff and restrict your movement, and while I’ve never fallen on them, I can imagine those little studs they put around the pockets would be rather painful to land on.

    Leggings or sweatpants are the best kind of bottom half to wear. A shirt and light jacket with a pair of gloves should be fine. If you are more concerned about your looks than staying warm, you can wear a skirt over your leggings. Don’t wear any chunky jewellery or anything that can get caught if another person grabs you suddenly.

  6. candyfloss said :

    wateva u do dont wear jeans the get wet quickly and u cant bendin them i agree with KL


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