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Iam an army wife ,after 3 years of being married i have been threw 2 deployments with him and now he wants a?

now he hits me with he wants a divorse he is saying hes going to leave me with nothing he whiped out our account , Im not working i have been here waiting for him im getting depress I gave up so much for him to be there for my husband i called the base and they wont help me out , according to him he is not going to give me anything what can i do please help .

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11 Responses to “Iam an army wife ,after 3 years of being married i have been threw 2 deployments with him and now he wants a?”

  1. the_unluckiest said:

    Sorry to hear about being served divorce papers (if he’s already done that). The only thing you can do now (since he clearly wants a divorce and not even try to work things out) is to get yourself a good lawyer and go after him for spousal support or half of what he has in assets etc.

  2. Golden Boy said:

    just like that?

    wow I’m sorry for both of you

  3. CindyLu said:

    Get a lawyer and get ready to fight for your rights.

  4. agcgartner said:

    Go to the Legal office to find out your entitlements (which are not many) once your divorced.
    See the chaplain and Family support center (ACS). They should be able to help.
    In the good ole days the company commander would get involved, today it’s the norm to be in and out of relationships. All the person has to do is show up for work.

  5. Shortie said:

    Although you are a military wife you are able to be advised by JAG so go to speak to one. Also get yourself a good lawyer. If you share assets you will get half. I’m sorry you are going through this but it’s not anything new being apart for so long he probably changed. Just consider this a favor for the future now you won’t be waiting for someone you can actually be with the person you are in a relationship with! There is good men out there who would be more then happy to have a loyal woman you’ll find better in so many ways. But for now just get through this and you will and just fight for what’s yours and then leave it at that. He’ll regret this decision!

  6. Harleygrl said:

    Get an attorney. If he wants “out”, it’s gonna cost him. Unless of course you’ve done something which would cause the marriage to be “unsupportable”, i.e., cheat, etc. But if you haven’t, then you have nothing to worry about. Get an attorney – if he wants a divorce, he can pay for it.

  7. HackDon said:

    contact a lawyer.

  8. Krysann said:

    Oh my gosh, I am so so sorry. That is awful…. I’ve been through the deployments and I know what absolute hell that is on it’s own, I cannot imagine being treated so cruelly after all that sacrifice.

    Talk to JAG. The military favors the spouse in most cases because the service member is the one being held to military rules. You should have more freedoms as a civilian while he is constrained by their laws. The biggest thing is to get yourself educated. Try also going to the ACS and Military One Source. Figure out what your rights are and what kind of help is available.

    You have a tough road ahead of you and I have all the sympathy in the world for you, hon. Seriously. E-mail me if you ever need to talk. I know that’s not a normal thing on Yahoo Answers, but I don’t know what else to do for you. I truly can’t even fathom how someone could do that to another person. Keep your chin up and I’ll be praying for you.

  9. LIPPIE said:

    Good for him, go file and get the divorce started, he will give you something whether he wants to or not. He doesn’t have the final say. The judge does.

  10. cowboydoc said:

    As fast as you can get an attorney and tell him everything before your hubby can.

  11. E&L said:

    The base can not make him be a good husband to you. You fall into the 50% of all marriages who end in divorce, even though you have spent most of that time apart. Since you realize HE wants a divorce, get yourself an attorney and realize that your marriage is ending. Being married only three years would only allow you a small amount for a few months to get back on your feet and half of the marital assets. Start getting ready to support yourself since it is coming down the line real soon.


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