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I work at the Police Dept. and my Supervisor is soooo sexy!!! What do I do???

I’m 23 and a Police Cadet. My supervisor is 40 and a Sergeant. He’s such a foxxxxx! He’s actually a sexy Latin lover type! OMG! I melt everytime he talks to me. Too bad he’s married and has 3 kids! Damn it! I wish I could smack his as s! Haha! I always have naughty thought in my head, when he’s around.
Sooo, what should I do?!

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20 Responses to “I work at the Police Dept. and my Supervisor is soooo sexy!!! What do I do???”

  1. Maria said:

    Continue your fantasies at home, but leave him alone.

  2. teach said:

    Change jobs!

  3. ♫♥§NiCk$♥♫ said:

    well if he’s married and has kids i say u forget about him….but its still alright to think dirty thoughts lol:)

  4. korbinzmum said:

    Like the other person said…. well you don’t want to risk your job and get fired and you don’t want to be a home wrecker…. leave the thoughts in your head not your pants!!!!!

  5. Alee256 said:

    Leave him alone, it ain’t worth the heartache of everyone who loves him.

  6. jeannie f said:

    well the way I look at it is first he’s married so he’s off limits and he has three kids. Would you like it if someone came on to your man??

  7. Aisha C said:

    IGNORE THESE FEELINGS! or accept them and then move on. Attraction to a coworker is fatal. And definately taboo. Maybe just find someone that looks like him and tap that. There’s plenty of hot men out there looking for a hot latino babe to sex up 😉

  8. <3 said:

    dont try to do anything. you might mess up his whole life, his family, everything! so just keep the thoughts and actions to yourself. :]

  9. joseph7_28636 said:

    Nothing. Start thinking differently about him. Stop obsessing over him. You’re constantly doing things like posting questions like this is very unhealthy behavior. Start liking single guys.

  10. chriscrosschrist said:

    Ask him to explain how this whole “handcuff thing” works because you seem to have forgotten.

    NO! Don’t do that. The man has a wife and kids. Just lust in private until your crush fades away.

  11. ZURDITA said:

    Back off…. he’s taken… Look for someone unmarried that doesn’t work with you… Imagine yourself having an affair with this guy and EVERYONE finding out… You will be out of a job in no time and labeled a s.lut… Do you really want that?

  12. stingray_luv_project said:

    Hes a cop so he cheats. “Coincidentally “end up somewhere he would be w/out the fam
    let nature take over

  13. l2amsl2ule said:

    whOa … married w/ kids … double your age … you should keep to yourself … otherwise you’re just messing up what seems like a happy family — they don’t need you wrecking it.

  14. teresathegreat said:

    Keep the thought to yourself, dear. Yes, it’s a lovely thought and can perk up your day… but you know you would never ACT on it, because that would mean so disrespectful to the wife and the kids, not to mention demeaning to yourself. And even if it stayed just between you and him, he could charge you with sexual harassment.

    Just enjoy the little spark in your day when he walks by, but keep the real pursuit to men your own age who are single and don’t work in your office.

  15. markita n said:

    gurk go home an play wit ur self an think of him den go to work an forget bout him cuz it would be so sos sos so wrong to mess wit another papi lol becuz if u messed wit my papi der would be so pulling hair an fist fighten lol so u should juz 4 get him an look 4 another papichula there lots in da world that are hot but like da say the sexyer the are the more trouble

  16. chloe s said:

    go 4 him!!!! god i would if hes a hunk u should just do it!!! lol
    GO $ GOLD!!!

  17. sepp55774 said:

    You’re opening a can of worms you don’t want to open!
    Don’t have a honey where you make your money! When it sours between you, one of you will have to go and I doubt that the police dept will dump an experienced officer for a cadet. Annnnnd, you’re a fool if you think he’s leave his wife and kids and give up half of everything he owns for you.

  18. don n said:

    Attention Police Cadet! Listen up there will be a test later.

    Do Not Sh*t Where You Eat!

    This means you do not play around with your co-workers, bosses or people reporting to you in the work place. It causes problems while it is happening and more problems when it stops. You do not need to get booted out on your @ss. Find someone somewhere else. Latch on to one of the guys who has been brought in for DUI and is being released. Maybe you could smack his as s!

    Test time! What do you not do where you eat?

  19. RileyIL77 said:

    Come to my house, and I will make you forget your Latin Lover!

  20. ann s said:

    find your own man… this one is taken and if he is married to a latina, she will shred you


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