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I sent my crush a Valentine card!?!?

at my school they have these valentine positive comment card things. you can pick hug, kiss or slap. (they’re just paper that say that…lol) well i picked the one that said:
“I’m sending you kisses” then I SIGNED MY NAME!!!

he doesnt know i exist and we’ve never talked but i see him a lot. was this a mistake? I dont know if i should regret it or not! he’s 16 and i’m 15. what should i do???

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2 Responses to “I sent my crush a Valentine card!?!?”

  1. Wade 3 said:

    Lifes too short to worry about things like that

  2. mel said:

    Sounds like fun to me! I’m sure he will be really flattered that you sent the card,at least he knows you exist now 🙂

    Hopefully he will return your feelings but if he doesn’t try not to think of it as a mistake,after all most people enjoy a compliment and i bet he will love it that someone thought of him.


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