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I need to make my girlfriend a valentines day gift and have no idea what to make?

She doesn’t like chocolate, going out to eat and she doesn’t want flowers. she wants me to make her something, i just have no idea. please help.

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7 Responses to “I need to make my girlfriend a valentines day gift and have no idea what to make?”

  1. Anon said:

    The easy fail-safe idea is a compilation cd of songs she likes

  2. lina said:

    write a poem

  3. Jenny Lynne said:

    Go to $store or Freds/Wal-Mart and buy an inexpensive blank journal. In the front write to, from on
    V.Day year, etc. Before you start to write in journal. Write on regular paper a rough draft. Tell her how you feel, poems, special days, memories, future, things you like about her that she may not know, pictures. You won’t have enough to fill it up, but you can tell the blank pages are for the future.
    Favorite songs, remember when we were____________. Everything you can think of, maybe talk to hher Mom and get some info, some baby pictures, etc, T ie a red bow around it and have a rose in it,regardless. She can dry the petals, Good luck.

  4. independent said:

    101 reasons why you love her and frame it.
    a message in a bottle.
    a cake or a nice dinner.
    if you can draw then draw a picture for her

  5. Hellokitty said:

    draw her a picture or make her a picture frame to put a picture of the two of you together.

  6. Suz123 said:

    Cook dinner . . . and clean up after! A romantic, candlelit dinner may be the best gift of all.

  7. alicia p said:

    you could make a calendar- make it yourself. at the top put pictures of the two of you, and throughout it put special dates that are important, like birthdays, anniversaries, things that you two are looking forward to, etc.


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