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I need cute ideas for my boyfriend and I on Valentines night!?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for going on 8 months. We are really close, really comfortable around eachother, and sexually active. I really wanted to do something really cute and sexy for him for Valentines night. He is probably taking me out to eat and something else, but I wanted to suprise him once we got home.. I need something romantic I should do to literally drive him up the wall. He loves role play and things like that, so I was thinking something on those lines. But I cant really get fully ready when we both get back to my place without keeping him waiting! Willing to go the extra mile to make my baby happy, help!
Smart ass answers not needed, thanks.

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5 Responses to “I need cute ideas for my boyfriend and I on Valentines night!?”

  1. TPring T said:

    rose bath romantic dvd…. wine, and possibly desserts

  2. Daisy said:

    fill a bag with diffrent kinds of hyrishy kisses lol and add breath mints and outher stuff like chap stick and outher teasing items….Give it to him as a gift

  3. funty said:

    do something funny…. which you both will remember always…

    like when he comes inside.. ask him to sit and say will be back in 2 minutes or something..

    go inside put some sexy clothes on.. something transparent or something. .. just by seeing you , he cant control him self

    and tight the hook of your bra.. so when he wants to remove that, he will struggle…..

    its fun…. from experience..

    Have fun..

  4. chilicooker_mkb said:

    Ask his other girlfriend. She’s thinking the same thing.

  5. penguin said:

    ……..for my boyfriend and me on Valentines night. You could buy a book on English usage and teach yourself when to use me versus I in a sentence.


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