I need a last minute valentines idea for him!?

I didn’t think we were getting each other anything for Valentines and I just found out that he got me a very nice piece of jewerly! I need some ideas on something sweet and nice that I can get by tommorow evening!

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4 Responses to “I need a last minute valentines idea for him!?”

  1. Christie said:

    a new watch, concert tix, a gift cert. to his fav. restaurant

  2. chattychica04 said:

    If you have a “melting pot” near you. Try to get a reservation. Its normally a 3 hour dinner and absolutely fabulous. If not… you sound screwed. Maybe fix a nice parmesean dinner and wear only an apron, sounds like he deserves some.

  3. lizzy said:

    Cook him a great dinner! Fro example I am making a French themed dinner for my boyfriend from French Onion Soup to HOmemade cream puff and I found them all on allrecipes.com.

  4. Brian D said:

    Take him to a sporting event…if he likes basketball or hockey. Making him dinner is good too. But if my girl showed up with Bulls tix, I’d be like “this is a good girl right here”


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