i know it is christmas but a valentines day question.?

ok ladies i want to buy my girlfriend an out fit to wear for me valentines night, and i think it would like all red, red bra, panties and stockings. i have a stocking fetish is this a gud way to introduce my fetish to her?

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8 Responses to “i know it is christmas but a valentines day question.?”

  1. DrummerGirl said:

    totally! lol… aww that’s super cute

  2. VSP said:

    i would think it would depend on how well you know each other and how long you have been together

  3. wendy.bryan said:

    I would talk with her about this first. She may not be into fetishes. Then again, maybe she wouldn’t mind indulging you. Personally I find this sort of thing immature and potentially demeaning.

  4. LadyBug said:

    Sounds great to me–but I’d take her shopping WITH me and try to discover what she might light as well–a lot of people share this same type of thing but don’t think of it as a fetish!!!

    Have fun!

  5. johnstonluv said:

    Sounds good. Maybe you don’t have to CALL IT a fetish… Also think about your GF, if she’d wear that type of thing…or if she would be more comfortable in maybe all red camisole and boy short panties or whatever… Some girls don’t feel comfy in certain lingerie outfits..

  6. Th4 D3fInITi0N oF 4 sT4R!! said:

    how long have u been together?
    if its been a while then yea thats a good way

    but then again im only 15 lol

  7. oliv3r4eva said:

    what about xmas? buy her red bra, panties and stockings, then a santa hat, and if she has them, she can wear green or whit shoes!

    oh, and yes, it is perfect for introducing a fetish.

  8. Jennifer W said:

    As a guy, you probably check out other women… admit it… you do. Anyway, the point is, my hubby wanted to get me something, but didn’t know my size. When the lady at Victoria’s Secret asked him, he had no clue. He looked her over and said, “actually, she’s kind of about your size.” Needless to say, what he got me was a perfect fit and my husband was “very happy” that night when I “properly thanked” him. It’s okay to peek in her underwear drawer when she’s not around, that way you can get her bra and panty sizes without insulting her to her face. She’ll lie and then complain that it doesn’t fit. Make sure you get her the size of her “comfortable” underwear, because it will probably be the most accurate size than her “skimpy” underwear. If you’re still not sure, check multiple under-garments.

    If she doesn’t have any panty-hose, she may be like me and be allergic. I’m allergic to the nylon in them and can’t wear stockings, but I can wear fishnets, but not very long. Good luck!


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