I am confused and was wondering if any could help?

when I was 21 I had a miscarriage now I am 40 and have been trying last month I got my period for 3 days is was light this month I was a week late and had it for 3 days on the 2 day it was heavy then I woke up and it was gone. I have not been feeling right my breast feel heavy I am so tired and i feel like I am going to be sick but the feeling pass and I have alot of gas. I know I should see a doctor but have no medical coverage and money is tight. Is it possible to get pregnant and still bleed the way I described. oh yeah and since I was pregnant before I do have liquid in my breast which I was told was normal usaully when i get my period they leak for a day or 2. when pressed the liquid comes out and this has been going on for about 2 weeks. I also feel a little cramping above my hairline.

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9 Responses to “I am confused and was wondering if any could help?”

  1. oldncrabby said:

    Good luck, sounds like you might be!

  2. day dreamin baby said:

    I am not sure, it is possible. Try a pregnancy test.

  3. GiGi said:

    They have free pregnancy testing at many clinics. Call up your Community Services in your local County.

  4. Minuet said:

    Yes you can still get your period or spotting if you are pregnant although it usually stops before the end of the first trimester.

  5. Patti T said:

    you can take an in-home pregnancy test. If money is that tight go to your local health department. They charge according to your income. If you are pregnant they may be able to set you up with some free food to help give your baby the proper nutrition.

  6. likes Eeyore said:

    I dont know, Id be afraid it was an ectopic preganancy, like stuck in the fallopian tubes. I would look for the nearest Planned parenthood and get tested they are a sliding scale based organization and you can make payments without interest ( at least you can in my neck of the woods) They will test you and examine you and tell you if you are or whats wrong

  7. ashley42066 said:

    menopause feels like pregnancy symptoms, my mom at 43 thought she was pregnany and went to the doctor hoping to god she wasnt.. and she found out she was just in early menopause.. So i would just go get your blood checked in general, it will tell you all. i hope your pregnant for your sake if you wanting one! good luck.

  8. purelce said:

    Try and get your states Medicaid. If you go to the DFC (Department of family and children) you should be able to apply, prove your expenses and what not. Then you will be covered by Medicaid, which is what I have. All my healthcare is paid for by the government, and they only time you have to pay anything is for prescriptions and thats usually about $3.00.

    There could also be a medical program in your area that accepts “self pay” patients. Call around to hospitals in your area, and they’ll be able to tell you. You’ll just pay a small fee in the clinic for whatever you need, you just have to give them proof of income.

    Sounds like you could either be pregnant or sick physically. Go check yourself out! Good luck on trying for a baby!

  9. jen said:

    I dont know about all of your symptoms, BUT, with Placenta Previa, which is common after abortion so if you had a DNC could be a complication, YOU CAN BLEED and it is not good.
    Go to the ER today.


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