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How would you start out writing a Valentine’s Card for your Valentine.?

I need help because I am trying to figure out how to write and be able to make a sweet Valentine’s Card for my Valentine. Thank you. : )

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6 Responses to “How would you start out writing a Valentine’s Card for your Valentine.?”

  1. north maggot slipknot fan said:

    well, firstly there is a guy in your shower saying he’s looking for you he is in the shower naked looking for ryan beiber so you’d better go see who this guy is before he gets mad.

  2. Malurose said:

    write a poem or a song orr qoute lyrics from sum romantic song . is this for a gf?

  3. nick nooney said:

    You begin with an expression. That the first of any other, you know your card so the rest is up to you. I suggest that a card must be ‘heart felt’ irrespective of where it came from, or how it was designed.

  4. Claire said:
  5. Biwa said:

    For a picture, you can use an image related to something they like.
    Think about three things you appreciate about them and let those guide what you write in the card.

  6. Optimistic Make Cool said:

    Dear Namchi Tran,
    Make it easy. Don’t be too complicate.
    Just write down how much you love her.
    Why you fall in love with her.
    Can you protect her all the life.
    And you have only one girlfriend, she is.


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