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How will my boyfriend joining a frat affect our relationship?

My boyfriend goes to college 3 and a half hours away from me and wants to join a fraternity. I’ve heard of hazing and parties that fraternities hold and I’m really not sure how I feel about it. Is there any advice anyone could give me as to what I should do about this?

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4 Responses to “How will my boyfriend joining a frat affect our relationship?”

  1. Whoo! said:

    Tell him you wouldn’t feel comfortable.

  2. davie said:

    Agree! Tell him you wouldn’t feel comfortable and let him care for you.

  3. robm425 said:

    During pledging he will have less time for you. But don’t fear pledging last only one semester. After that your relationship will go back to normal.

    Joining a fraternity will not change who he is as a person just the amount of time he can spend with you the semester he pledges

  4. Felicia said:

    My boyfriend pledged last semester and is a member of a fraternity now. It does take up some time because they have weekly meetings and other events, but it never interferes that much with our relationship. It really helps if you get to know your boyfriend’s fraternity brothers so that you can go with him to hang out with them. I never liked the idea of it to begin with,
    it does depend on what fraternities they are in though. There will always be the stereotypical frat boys who are obsessed with partying, girls and act stupid. If your boyfriend finds the right fraternity then there shouldnt be a problem.
    One thing that bothers me sometimes is that they have their secrets. I guess thats something I will have to get over though. I know he wouldnt do anything that would seriously bother me and I also know that his fraternity brothers ( who I am close friends with now too) wouldnt either.
    To some point it can actually be really fun for you too. There are alot of events that you are allowed to go to also such as formals, parties and other activities. These are alot of fun- but you have to get to know his brothers! (their girlfriends are also very nice to be friends with because they are in the same position as you)

    Good luck with your boy!


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