How to update latest screen resolutions for my windows xp?

I am not able to play any online game.When i start a game, it doesn’t seem to work.Do i need to update my screen resolution to any higher bit because it says “The game does not support your screen resolution”.If so, please share with me some websites where i can download higher resolutions.I am currently trying to play Gunz the Duel (IJJI),Lunia,Cabal and Perfect World.

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2 Responses to “How to update latest screen resolutions for my windows xp?”

  1. demonic--k said:

    control panel and then display

    the max of your resolution is dependant on your graphic card. the better the graphic card then the higher the level of screen resolution you can change

  2. Leonardo H said:

    click on your computer go to device manager click on monitor propeties,drives and click on the updates the driver good luck


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