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How to say goodbye to a long distance boyfriend who hurt you terribly?

How do I say goodbye to him without making it seem like he affected me?
I feel angry, Im so disgusted. But I dont want to show it. I want him to know though that he let the best thing go. And that going back to his ex is a mistake.
What do I say to him?

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10 Responses to “How to say goodbye to a long distance boyfriend who hurt you terribly?”

  1. george said:

    you don’t say anything and you just dissapear,
    This will be the surprise of his life and this is what he really deserves

  2. LEYKIS 101 said:

    Don’t say anything, just walk away and wait for him to call you back when he realizes what he lost!!!

  3. Element Say FU Yahoo II said:

    You say, “F*ck off, loser. The copy of the restraining order will be served to you tomorrow.”

  4. altometer2 said:

    Send one message.


    Offer no explanation.

  5. Xavier said:

    Send him a letter or an email, and stick to the facts. If you get emotional, it starts to indicate that it is effecting you. If you stick to what he did wrong or what mistakes he is making and why, you are in a better position than trying to say things that are tough to prove like, “you hurt me” or, “you are so immature.”

    It is up to him to eventually figure out whether or not he let the best thing go, not you. State your position, stick to the facts and move on. Some day it might make sense to him, but don’t count on him figuring it out just because you speak your mind. Tell him what you have to say, and then forget about it.

  6. Cougar said:

    well this is the way i did it. she lived in nyc no car. which mint she saw me when i would go see her which i did very weekend for a year. then i found out she had seen someone else a couple of times when she said she was working. i just stopped talking to her. didn’t answer her call didn’t answer her text or im’s.

  7. J said:

    You say goodbye by saying NOT a f***ing thing. ANYTHING you say at this point will be construed as your being affected. Silence and nonclosure on your part will drive him crazy, trust me.

  8. Tricia G said:

    You write him a long emotional 5 page letter in long hand and then you burn it. And you say nothing to him.

    He already moved on and got back with his ex. He has said his goodbyes to you. You should say your goodbyes to him in a letter that you immediately destroy.

  9. Optimist said:

    Either you are ready to cut it off or you are not. If you are ready to cut it off then you don’t need to say goodbye.

  10. Lilly said:

    The least you say, the least affected you will appear to be.

    If you do feel like you need to say anything at all (although i think not saying anything is BEST), then simply say you wish him the best but you never wish to speak to him again.


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