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How to make a great and lovely valentine card?

I don’t mind taking days making it. There is this girl in the office I love so much. There is a valentine card making competition. I want to win the competition and hint people it’s made for her. So any idea how to go about it?

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2 Responses to “How to make a great and lovely valentine card?”

  1. Coach T said:

    Use pink construction paper and glue some lace around the edges. Write out a short poem on scrap paper describing your feelings. Cut out the words from the poem from all different sections of the newspaper or a magazine and glue them on the card to make your poem. She will be very impressed just by the effort put into it.

  2. luvscoleslaw said:

    YES! I love a homemade Valentine…that is what the holday is supposed to be about…not cookie cutter store bought cards that require no thought. I insist that my boyfriend make me a card every year.
    Make it from your heart! Try to create an original card that reflects who you are. Use stuff around the house; cut words or pictures from magazines and newspapers to create a funky decoupage look. You can find inspiration ANYWHERE!
    Run to the dollar store and get some glitter glue and construction paper. If you are willing to invest a few more bucks go to the craft store. Scrapbooking is all the rage right now and the selection of different paper is amazing. So many different colors and textures right at your finger tips…your card shall be a work of art! GOOD LUCK!!


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