How to kiss someone who is a lot taller?

I’m dating this guy who is 6’4″ and I’m 5’8″
What can he/I do during a kiss to make it not awkward. We haven’t kissed yet, so is this a huge height difference that would make it awkward?
I don’t really like heels lol. Like how do I touch his face/neck if I can’t reach?!?! Lol.

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18 Responses to “How to kiss someone who is a lot taller?”

  1. Charisse (Emily C. Hoinette) said:

    They’re called tippy toes 🙂 haha. Wear heels?

  2. precious89 said:

    wear heels…guys dont mind bending down to kiss anyways

  3. Jessica Perales said:

    Pick you up and have that romantic kiss plus its cute when your boyfriend has to pick you up and kiss you softly. It’s not awkward not at all lol

  4. Deirdre Caffrey said:

    You could wear heels, or wrap your arms around his middle, or hold onto his arms, or the best thing i find is to kiss him while sitting down, because there is no real height difference so it will be easier 🙂 Hope i helped 🙂

  5. rachel said:

    wear 20 cm heels

  6. Montana I said:

    Put your hands around his neck and tippy toe 😀
    thatll be so cute (:

  7. Brady A said:

    Love will find a way hahaha

  8. Allie100 said:

    ya if he really wants to kiss you,he’ll make it happen,just reach as much as you can…

  9. Fuzzy Andrews said:

    let him bend over for you. guys are supposed to do that

  10. Mr. Niceguy said:

    Stand with your toes and let him take his head down, then kiss.
    Looks very romantic because you’re both taking the effort.

  11. Bad Liberal said:

    There’s only eight inches difference in height between you – I’m a full foot taller than my wife. It’s *his* job to accommodate the height difference without making it obvious. This involves some tactful leaning while she (you) reach upwards. Heels are a good idea but not essential – my wife always wears flatties.

  12. lilsmiles said:

    u get on ur tippy toes, put ur arms around his neck and trust me he will bend down to meet ur lips

  13. Kathleen in Germany said:

    I’m only 4,10 I would have to stand on a chair ……I’m only joking …… but he would have to come down to me ………Katie 🙂

  14. ASHLEY said:

    He’s gunna hav to lean to kiss u lol! That’s wat my bf does wen were standing 😉

  15. Amoro said:

    kiss on the area that you can reach !

  16. Rima Choudhury said:

    Pull him down by the collar
    Jump on him with legs wrapped around him

    LOL sorry I can be quite bold 🙂

  17. Tara Pressley said:

    realize that it is not awkward! If this person wants to kiss you they don’t care. He has to pick you up making him feel strong and well, the man of the relationship. I am 5’2 and dated a man just that size. When I ran at him with enthusiasm and jumped in his arms, he loved it. He especially loved how my legs hung when he held me through a passionate kiss. Be aware that he is probably interested in you because you are shorter and beautiful. Be excited about the situation. Give him a big smooch.

  18. Vikingsen said:

    Those are basically the EXACT Heights of My GF and I.
    Ive never thought it was awkward. and she likes the fact that she has to extend up slightly to reach me.
    Even if you were 4’8″, If he wants to kiss you, Hes not going to care. He may Joke abt it, but Light hearted and with no intent of guilt.
    Ive only known like 2 guys that have ever been attracted or seeked out girls who were the same height/taller than them.


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