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How to keep a guy interested and wanting more?

Not sexually..But just in general.? Any tips on what guys like and what they look for in a girl they would possibly want to start a relationship with?

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5 Responses to “How to keep a guy interested and wanting more?”

  1. DELLY said:

    just being yourself

  2. 2FollowHim said:

    Two things I’d suggest here, and just hoping
    I can put this OK, so it doesn’t get misinterpreted:

    One, know and like yourself…not self-centered, but
    enjoy yourself, how you look, dress, interests because
    men will like a woman who is fairly secure in themselves,
    but not overconfident. (tough call, eh).
    Then, wanting to know the man, but not asking
    loads of questions, either. They did social tests
    and found that women talk over 50% more than
    a man. Don’t think a whole lot like ‘Does he like
    me, does he care’. Just enjoy it, he’ll enjoy you.
    But my man likes me to plan, and he gets
    this frown on his face if I ask him what he’d
    like to do. I don’t insist (hopefully, usually),
    but I say ‘Hmmm…what about this?’,
    and he says ‘sure’. I haven’t found men
    like kissy-feely-cuddly like women do
    as much. You’d have to see, figure things
    out, don’t assume. There’s a lot of material
    out there also, but remembering, it will
    always be what you think, and no situation
    is ever the same. Like I said, always a
    tough call.

  3. mistap2121 said:

    A girl who doesn’t like to beat herself up over her appearance.

    A girl he can exchange his views, and ideas of life with in the form of an intelligible conversation.

    A girl he can trust

    A girl who makes him smile

    A girl who cultivates the love by giving as well as taking

    A girl whom accepts me, loves me for who i am, no wanting to change me. take me or leave me.

    A girl who admires all creation, no matter what form it manifests in

    that is the ideal girl for me, is it for other guys i’m not so sure.

  4. Mook said:

    Strangely enough, just saying ‘no’ all the time and being elusive tends to be the best advice. I know it sounds strange, but it drives them mad. Be friendly at the same time.

  5. Linsey Grinner said:

    I may come back later on to look at out your additional posts.


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