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How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Before Valentine’s Day?

i really love my ex but he going out with some girl. I think he love me back because he kiss me twice after we broke up

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8 Responses to “How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Before Valentine’s Day?”

  1. Marshall said:

    Get with him a week after. Save yourself some money. No roses, no chocolates.

  2. deligeez said:

    Let me ask you something, would you date another guy if you really loved your ex-boyfriend, I don’t think so.

    It’s good to be in “love” but if you broke up it was for a reason, it was not meant to be, trust me your a girl there is a load of guys there that would love to be with you and treat you like a Godess.

    So take chill out and have fun, your boyfriend is obviously using your “love” to get a few kisses here and there, guys like the fact that 2 girls like him, thinks proudly of himself.

  3. zhi said:

    What’s the rush?

  4. Norma said:

    Get real. He’s your ex. You will never get back. He kissed you because he feels sorry for you. Move on.

  5. bunny said:

    im having the same problem as you…
    I know that he still has feelings for me cause he told me he did he was the first guy i fell in love with and the first for everything else and some things were said and i thought i didnt wanna be with him anymore when deep down i really did. We are kinda back together but in a way we arent.

    I wrote him a note telling him how i felt and we are talking more then we have since we broke up. so my advice would be just tell him how you feel and maybe that is how he will feel about you to.

  6. johnnyweb10 said:

    Well, if you want really want to get back with your ex, I have a few tips that I can share as I had to learn about this a while ago.

    First of all, don’t go begging them to take you back, this can actually make things worse and make you less appealing.

    Second of all, don’t rush things, it may take time but if you really want to get your ex back then you may need to be patient and do things slowly.

    Keep reading and learning as there’s lots of mistakes that are commonly made in this type of situation that can make things worse, so keep learning everything you can about how to do it.

  7. RStJames said:

    It’s not always possible to get back with your ex but you can do some things that will give you a chance.

    First of all, don’t fall into the habit of calling him or texting him every day. It’s better to remain a bit distant. On the other hand, don’t take that so far that you make him believe you no longer have any interest.

    Give him a call and ask if he would like to go have a coffee or lunch. At this time you can probably judge whether he will be receptive to rekindling your romance.

    Good luck.

  8. hahaitsjazz said:

    depends on how much he likes that girl. would he dump her for you?


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