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How soon do gum problems show up in pregnancy?

I am getting some sores in my mouth and am very likely pregnant, but not far enough along to show up on a test. Do I need to see a dentist?

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5 Responses to “How soon do gum problems show up in pregnancy?”

  1. Poppy: John is due 12/19/08 said :

    I started noticing my gums bleeding more by like 10 weeks. I never noticed sores. It’s really awful now because they bleed sometimes when I eat hard things.

    If you are pregnant you should see the dentist at least once while you are pregnant.

  2. kbmatter said :

    Well i am 6 weeks along and my gums started bleeding. You should definantly see a dentist if you are having dental troubles, because i read that gum disease and infections associated with dental can impact the baby directly and has been associated with birth defects. I wouldnt worry much about bleeding gums however,

  3. rurouni said :

    It seems too early to be pregnancy related. I haven’t had any problems and I think usually you just get swelling and bleeding, not sores. Call your dentist, but if they are open sores, they might not be able to do anything but prescribe something. Some dentists won’t go in there if there are open sores.

  4. **29 wks with baby girl # 1** said :

    I haven’t had any gum problems so far, and I probably won’t just because i’m so far along now.

  5. curious said :

    my gums started being sore and bleeding around 6/7 weeks but i neva had sores. see a dentist


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