How soon after giving birth can you take a pregancy test?

I gave birth on jan 11th of this year. And I think im pregant again…..How long does the horamons say in your body and when can I take an at home pregancy test?
I have not sarted my period yet but I did spot for a day 2 weeks ago!

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4 Responses to “How soon after giving birth can you take a pregancy test?”

  1. rrb said:


  2. Gisele said:

    you can take a pregnancy test whenever you want.. but you should NOT even be havng sex for ATLEAST 4 to 6 weeks after giving birth. sounds unsanitary and wrong.

  3. Laura B said:

    Well, Gisele, since it is 8 weeks after, then she’s fine, isn’t she?? Jeez, some people! Yeah, the hcg from your pregnancy with your baby would be out of your system by now.

  4. Lisa said:

    Yes take one asap! The hormone leaves your body a little after you give birth.


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