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How should you wait to try anc conceive after and miscarriage?

I Had an micarriage June 27 2008.. I know as of right now its entirely to early to try again at least i think so..Also how long should you wait to start back having sex?

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6 Responses to “How should you wait to try anc conceive after and miscarriage?”

  1. leanda said:

    you can have sex as soon as the bleeding stops, and try and concieve as soon as you feel ready…….. people will try and tell you to wait a few months but only you will know when your ready…. good luck..

  2. SoNotTheTypical said:

    some people conceive right after . a friend from church miscarried and then 6 months after she was still having problems was gaining weight all kind of things and she was 6 months pregnant so she conceived right after and now there son is 1

  3. Renae said:

    i had a miscarriage in oct last year i was only 9 weeks pregnant at the time. and got pregnant 6 weeks later.. i was really upset about losing my baby but as soon as i got pregnant again i felt so much better. im 32 weeks now. good luck

  4. Angela said:

    I had a miscarriage on May 2nd. I waited 1 month to start trying. My doctor said I should wait at least one cycle, and then when I was emotionally ready. As long as you think your ready, I don’t see why you should have to wait. Good luck.

  5. NextBabyRound*Ding* said:

    Hello kindered spirit, I too had a mc last week. I am sorry for your loss, mine was a chemical pg, which sucks cause we been trying for 4 years. Anyhow my doc said to give it a few mos, but personally I’ve been really trying for a long time since our first MC 4 yrs ago, and I think I’ve been patient enough, I asked a similar Q on a messge board and the answer came back as the doc wants you to wait at least one cycle cause it simply makes it easier to date the pg, provided you are acutally healthy and there isnt some other underlying problem there. Also heard you are more fertile right after a MC. Good luck you will know what you should or shouldnt do in your own time.

  6. becca adams said:

    I also hada miscarrage on June 27 2008 and was going to ask the same question. I also wanted to know how long it takes for you body to get back to normal. I had a complete mc and did not have to have a D&C. I am so sorry for your loss, I know what you are going through.


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