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How should I sign a Valentine’s card?

We’ve been dating 4 months, it is pretty serious, but no “I love yous” at this point. Should I sign the card “Love,”? Will that freak him out?? Will he read that as “I love you”? On his Christmas card I just signed my name, and I know that was lame. And this is Valentine’s…I just can’t do that. Help!!

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2 Responses to “How should I sign a Valentine’s card?”

  1. █ 유♥웃 █ said:

    you could put “love YA”, instead of “I love YOU”. it makes it less serious

  2. loverboy said:

    you’ve been going out for 4 months and you don’t know if you are in love? Maybe time to consider whether of not this is the right person…


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