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How should I design my Valentine’s Card?

I’m making a card that has a heart pattern on the front but it’s blank inside and I wanted to draw something simple and easy but really cute for my boyfriend. We’re a silly cute couple so I would like to draw something that will make him smile and love it. Any ideas are appreciated. I’m pretty sure he drew Chibi’s in my card so I would like to avoid something like that but do something equally cute. Maybe even just a small design of a few hearts or something, I just want it to be sweet. Thanks Everyone!

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One Response to “How should I design my Valentine’s Card?”

  1. Ms. Bou said :

    Depending on the design you have for the actual card, you might want to add something romantic and vintage to it. You might want to make your card in the shape of a heart and add some graphics to it. Go to this web site for some vintage clip art:
    Choose a subtle rose shade for the base of the card and either draw something from the clip art collection and color it accordingly with colored pencils or markers. Take a piece of lace and use it as a stencil down the side of the card and gently rub chalk pastels over the lace putting enough pressure on the chalk pastel so that it goes through the openings on the lace. When you lift off the lace you will have a nice pattern on your paper. Or do a series of different sized and colored hearts as a border design. Maybe instead of using vintage clip art, draw you and your boyfriend in avatar form on the inside of the card and put the usual roses and stuff on the front of the card which will totally through your guy off as he won’t be expecting the avatars inside. Have some fun with it and I hope the two of you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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