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How quickly and by how much can I expect my breasts to grow?

I am only about 7 weeks pregnant and I have already gone from a 34B to a 36C. I don’t want to waste too much money buying a bunch of new bras if they are just going to keep growing!

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5 Responses to “How quickly and by how much can I expect my breasts to grow?”

  1. C N said:

    my boobs didnt grow at all my whole pregnancy!(I was barely a a cup!!) but 3 days after the birth my milk came in and I was suddenly a C cup.

  2. mzbabybelly said:

    i was told not to buy more than one and just to wash it regularly. i ended up going from a 34 B to a 36 D and am now 34 weeks. They will get HUGE when your milk comes in. If you can handle it. Dont get too many bras!

  3. julia said:

    went from a 34c to a 36ddd within the first 3 monthes. havent grown since!!

  4. Stella said:

    Mine got big early too! At 10 weeks my old bras (34 B) just weren’t working. I went shopping and came home with new 34D bras! The 34Cs seemed snug and the Ds have a little bit of growing room so I figure I should be ok for a while. It doesn’t seem like mine have grown a ton more since then, but I am sure they will towards the end of pregnancy when my milk comes in. Enjoy them while you have them! 😉

  5. Lynn T said:

    I am excited to answer this ? because I feel my advice is good advice, lol

    Buy bras that are the stretchy, over your head type. As you get bigger, your rib cage will grow, and you generally just retain water and everything feels constricting. I tried buying regular bras for a long time, then at about 5 months I was practically ripping them off in the car after work because they were digging in and pissin’ me off.

    GAP body has good ones, as does nordstrom. Just get a couple. Most of them come with little pad thingys that slide in or out to keep you from poking peoples eyes out with your nipples when it’s cold.

    I figure, this is great because you can stick nursing pads in there when you start leaking, and the bras easily lift up over the breast without discomfort. YAY!

    TO answer your question specifically…. a LOT. I am about 7 months and mine have gone from a small B to a large C, plus 2 inches around the middle….

    I’m telling you…. avoid underwire, plastic and metal and all costs.


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