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How old is a baby normally when it first sits up?

I’m writing a story for my Creative Writing class and this is just a piece of information I need. Could someone list when their baby first sat up/talked/walked etc? Thank you!

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6 Responses to “How old is a baby normally when it first sits up?”

  1. jennifer said :

    generally ,
    6-7 mths- sit up
    10 mths walk
    2yrs talk

  2. Mommyof4boys! said :

    sitting up is normally around 6 months
    walking can be anywhere from 9 months to like 15 months, sometimes it’s even later then that.
    talking there first words are like 9 months

  3. Jillian H said :

    sitting up is anywhere from 5-7 months
    some babies say their first words at 6 months some wait til tehy are a year. walking can rage anywhere from 9-15 months every baby is different

  4. MB-n-KC said :

    My son is 6 months are is just starting to sit up by him self. He does still tumble over sometimes

  5. wannabhppy said :

    All babies are different. Both of mine sat up around 6 months, starting saying a few words by 10 months to a year (like mama and dada), and walked at 1 year.

  6. Alissa B said :

    my son:
    Sat up alone at 5 months
    Walked just shy of 10 months
    Talked his first words at 8 months: mama dada


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