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How old does your baby have to be to use teething biscuits?

My daughter will be 7 months old in a few days. She has two front teeth coming in. When can she use teething biscuits? And what are the best kind to buy that wont have chunks break off?

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7 Responses to “How old does your baby have to be to use teething biscuits?”

  1. shelly c said:

    I let my girls around 5 months. What ever kind wal-mart has.

  2. noggin_mama said:

    All will have a risk of chunks breaking off. Use a teething ring or a frozen wet washcloth instead. Also a frozen juice pop is good.

  3. iampatsajak said:

    They say when your child can crawl on it’s hands and knees with the belly up off the ground, when they can grasp food between the thumb and forefinger and when they have some experience with solid foods.

    I will be honest with you though, my oldest was eating one of those and he had sucked it until it was just long and flat and it slid right down his throat. I had to give him the heimleich!! With my baby now I am not giving biscuits. I got those gerber wagon wheel things as a bigger treat.

  4. cagney said:

    each baby is different with what foods they can eat. is she eating anything else besides jar food? have you tried finger puffs, and does she have trouble moving them around in her mouth? i preferred the zweiback toast, it is sold in the baby isle and is hard enough to give them some relief, but gets gooey and crumbles easily. i also would keep it in the freezer so it felt better on her swollen gums. if in doubt always ask her dr. any biscuit can have chunks break off, you need to be sitting with her and watching her while she’s eating.

  5. Texas T said:

    whenever they start on their own wanting to chew on things. teething rings are best since the biscuts can be sucked down the throat.

  6. mystic_eye_cda said:

    Babies are old enough at 6 months provided the teething biscuits are made with something that she would have been eating anyway.

    Most teething biscuits are made of wheat, and generally people do not give wheat to babies under 1 year old. But that is your call. Also be sure whatever you give doesn’t have any honey or nuts.

    I’ve never used any store bought teething biscuits as I choose not to give my baby any grains until 9 months of age. I did give him chicken bones (big ones, like the drumstick), pickles (which work really well and kids usually can’t break chunks of) or cold hard veggies such as carrots.

    Also, there is good reason to believe babies will not choke on things that they feed themselves. Generally until they are capable of swallowing they do not have the ability to move food back far enough in their mouths. Unlike spoon feeding which can place food far back in the mouth. This is the basis of child-led introduction to solids the information on why that method is safe can be found here:

    That is what I do and my son has never choked on food nor has he had a reaction to anything. Even though he eats all sorts of things most people wouldn’t feed a baby. Like pineapple and chili.

  7. goodmommy22 said:

    7 months is ok babies dont really need teeth to eat gums are really strong


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