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How much you can spend after valentines day gift?

gals and guys how much can you afford to spend after valentine day gift. i m webdesigner and planning to offer personalised websites for guys and gals to gift their respective one. i guess its a gud and unique idea and cud be surprise for lovers and it will make them feel special how much shall i charge for such website. how much you think people will spend after such gift. if you have to gift such website to your lover how much will u spend after such gift? only serious answers pls coz im designing site rite now and want to set price

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2 Responses to “How much you can spend after valentines day gift?”

  1. Lady Luck said :

    people will spend way too much for that date..
    IMO, you don’t need to wait that date to celebrate you’re being happy with another person!!

  2. the Goddess Angel said :



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