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How much do we pay a Live in Babysitter?

We will give her a furnished room, food and utilities as long as she lives in and babysits. Our baby is 6 months old. We will give her most holidays off and 99% off weekends off.

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4 Responses to “How much do we pay a Live in Babysitter?”

  1. Samantha said:

    300 a week. remember its her fulltime job and she has bills also

  2. Neko said:

    live? i only know da price for zombies (like around 200-300$)

  3. Willow O said:

    will she have set hours?? or be “on call” thro the whole week, pulling both day and night dutys

    if she set 300.00 a week at least, if its all day all night 500.00 a week at least

  4. Abbie said:

    I think around 400ish


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