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How much difference did you notice money-wise from your first child to second?

My husband and I are starting to talk about #2 and I want to start putting money aside monthly now, and I was wondering how much less your #2 cost? I know I will have a few substantial differences; I now have cloth diapers and would only need to buy a few more of those, and I am more educated to succeed at breastfeeding (and will hopefully be able to find a better, more supportive pediatrician by then).
Some things we will want new, but a lot of my boys things are getting traded in as he outgrows though, so I will need to keep that in mind…
What do you think? What are your experiences?
We know we wont start trying until out boy is at least 1 1/2, and as I said we will still have -some- stuff…not a crib, but a car seat, high chair, toys, feeding supply. Also, there are those little things you think you need then learn you dont (like a little bitty bib for each outfit when they still arent on solids!)

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5 Responses to “How much difference did you notice money-wise from your first child to second?”

  1. Zerro said :


  2. britjam said :

    as above!!

  3. VICTORIA ANN said :

    Well it would depend on how old your first child is.If they are younger they tend to be more expensive.I am curretly 19 weeks prego with my second so I don’t know exactly how much more money we will be spending but I am guessing about $50 to $70 dollars more every payday for basic needs)diapers,wipes ETC)Of course he or she will be on wic so the formula will be free,and that saves about $100 every month.

  4. sheila, TTC said :

    i don’t know if you co sleep or not but it sounds like all you really going to need is a crib (suggest the convertible crib), a few new outfits, a new car seat for your older baby, you might get away with speding about $400 or less, if you budget really good.

    it might be a good idea to save your older babies onesies, pajamas and other clothes, this will save you tons of money. i would just buy a few new outfits so that u can take pictures and be able to tell which child its is. lol.

  5. Shelly Lynn said :

    The 2nd one will be MUCH cheaper. You already have the big stuff……and having been there, done that already, you will have a better idea of what you actually NEED…..I look back at how much was over-spent on my daughter and cringe. had to have special bottles, ended up using evenflo classics…..ALL the clothes that she outgrew before she could wear (the 2nd baby will have a much more streamlined wardrobe….I kept putting a few favorites outfits on her…..the rest just sat there!). Unfortunately we got rid of most of my daughter’s stuff, but I know that I will be getting MUCH less than I did on the first one…… we had to have 4 pack and play sheets….we only ever used 2!! and ALL those fancy feeding bowls when I used the same one very night because I liked it…..I can go on and on……..but it is depressing, so I will stop.


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