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How many weeks after intercourse can I test for pregnancy?

I know the basic rule of taking a pregnancy after you have missed your period. But… I have PCOS and I rarely get a period. I have to take medicine daily so that my hormones regulate and make my womanly parts work properly but I still don’t get periods very often. So, how long after intercourse do I need to wait before I can take a pregnancy test since I can’t wait to miss my period.

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6 Responses to “How many weeks after intercourse can I test for pregnancy?”

  1. hyper_qt_strange_gurl said:

    I’d say around 2-2 1/2 weeks after you’ve ovulated.
    Good Luck!

  2. cfrattle said:

    I would think 4-5 weeks. that would be enough time for a cycle to have come and gone.

  3. star s said:

    about 5 weeks id say takes your body about that long to know that it is pregnant but it sounds like it would be hard for you to get pregnant if you female stuff isnt regular

  4. justpeachee22 said:

    Your results should be fairly accurate at about 14 days past ovulation. If you know when you ovulate, then this method should work for you. If you don’t know when you ovulated then it’s hard to know when a good time to test is, especially since you have irregular cycles.

  5. ladybe_3000 said:

    According to the ClearBlue Easy Pregnancy test website, you can test 19 days after you had intercourse to get an accurate result.

    Now keep in mind that you can get a BFN and be pregnant. If you get a BFN, wait a couple of days and retest. Each womans’ body secretes the HcG hormone differently. You know, some faster than the other.

    So I wish you luck and hope you get your BFP. BABY DUST TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jessica g said:

    usually its 2-3 weeks.


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