How long do you have to wait for a ring to be sized?

And is it possible to get a ring that already fits at a store?
Like a real wedding band?

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11 Responses to “How long do you have to wait for a ring to be sized?”

  1. The Boy Wunder said:

    bout a week

  2. sonata said:

    It shouldn’t take long to get a ring sized… maybe a week at most? but then again it depends on the ring. if there are stones all around then it may take longer. and yes it’s possible to get a ring that already fits… like a real wedding band.

  3. Blondee {B2B 9.12.09} said:

    It is possible to buy a ring in the store that fits you, if you’re lucky.
    Normally it takes about a week or so to get a ring sized. IF by chance it’s an eternity band (diamonds all the way around the band) it can not be sized and must be ordered in your correct size. If it’s a channel set band, and you’re going down 2 sizes or more, you will have to wait a bit longer because they will most likely have to melt the ring down and reshape the whole thing. If it’s a prong set band then you should be ok b/c the prongs can be adjusted. It all just depends. When you pick out your ring or take it in to be sized the associate should be able to give you a good estimate of how long it will take and what will have to be done to it.

  4. prodigy219 said:

    depends on when you drop it off and where…i’d say 2-3 days

  5. nnsglc said:

    Idk about being sized, but I do know that they have like an average size that most of the rings come in so if you fit that size than good for you!

  6. Pebbles said:

    I waited half an hour in the store to have my wedding band sized from a 7 to a 7.5. But I think usually they want you to come back in a week. If you are in a hurry, those places that do the resizing on site (not mall stores) should be able to do it while you wait. If you have a ring size that is more than a couple sizes off of the 7 (for a woman) or 10( for a man) sizes they usually sell, it may take longer if they have to order a new ring instead of resizing.

  7. amanda r said:

    Most rings come in a size 7. Don’t know why but they do. Most stores have free sizing and it takes about a week.

  8. alsaser said:

    well we picked out mine n sized it that day. so only took like 30 minutes. It is possible it will fit you in the store, depending on ur size. me, i have very small fingers, i had to get it sized to smaller then a 4.

  9. Harmonie said:

    I had to have my engagement ring and wedding ring re sized , it took them around 5 days to get mine back .

  10. six1879 said:

    depends on the kind of ring and if your jeweler has a on site facility to re size.
    mine took 2 days to re size and it has a channel setting with a raised solitaire.
    this was at Jared’s i highly recommend them they are amazing and very knowledgeable

  11. mozabrat said:

    At the store that we purchased our ring they were able to do it on site and it took about an hour.


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