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How far along are you before others can see and feel your baby move?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and I can feel my son moving but others can’t see or feel him yet. Just wondering about how far you should be before this happens?

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9 Responses to “How far along are you before others can see and feel your baby move?”

  1. Expecting our 1st! said:

    I wasn’t able to feel my baby from the outside until the day before I reached 20 weeks. I couldn’t see my baby moving until around 30 weeks I think. Everyone is different though and I think a lot has to do with your body and weight. Good luck and congrats!

  2. Baby Boy due 6/9/09 said:

    my placenta is between my baby and my belly so it took until 24 weeks for my husband to feel it him. for others it should be any time now.

  3. Baby boy due in July! said:

    I’m 22 weeks and just about a week ago my little guy started kicking pretty hard so I put my hand on my belly and I felt it! It was so awesome I almost started crying. So I told my boyfriend to put his hand there and he kicked again and he felt it too! I don’t know about seeing it because I haven’t seen it yet but my best friend is 28 weeks and she says she can see the whole outline of her baby moving across her belly.

  4. Florella said:

    I felt the baby move about 19 weeks, but my husband couldn’t see or feel it until I was almost 23 weeks.

  5. Stacy ` B said:

    I was 24 weeks when people could feel my son and “see” him moving….. I felt him moving but no one else could feel him, so right now you probably can feel him but give it another month and everyone else should be able to feel him too…

    8wks myself again

  6. EternalOne said:

    I have/had an Anterior Placenta (Placenta in FRONT of the Uterus) so it took longer. But my fiance could feel him at about 25 weeks, and I could see him move around the same time or slightly later.

  7. noseyparker4 said:

    You will definitely feel your baby first, especially when the baby is kicking inwards instead of out towards the skin of your belly.

    I would say that you will be able to share the kicking with others at around four months, however, whoever wants to feel the kicks has to be very patient and almost have his hand on your stomach for a half an hour sometimes before anything happens. If you rent a good movie and have your partner put his hand on your belly while watching, he may get lucky and feel something.

    He may also be able to actually see the kicking (reverberations, vibrations from kicks on your belly skin), but for that, you have to call him over when the really good stuff starts happening. Half of the time, the baby will stop kicking before your guy can get over to you, but once in a while, he will see it.

  8. Proud Mommy of A Baby Girl!! said:

    I could start feeling my daughter when I was around 20 weeks. And it was very noticeable for people to see her move on the outside. Then again my daughter was a big baby. She was 8lbs 12.2oz when she was born and 21 inches long.

  9. pregnancyhealthguru said:

    It will come a little later. Here is a great site I think you will find very helpful, it has a week by week guide to your pregnancy so you know what to expect. Here is the video for the next month so you have an idea of whats coming.

    Good Luck


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