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How does one prepare to be a wife and a mother at a young age?

I have a friend who will be getting married and is pregnant. She doesn’t know what it is going to be like and needs major advice. She is 20 but has worked very hard and will be graduating college next spring. What does she do to prepare to be a wife/mother, she has no cooking skills and is nervous to be responsible for a newborn baby. Pleasee help her, any advice would be wonderful. THanks!

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13 Responses to “How does one prepare to be a wife and a mother at a young age?”

  1. Melissa M said :

    i am a young mother too. i was so worried about having my daughter until the day i had her.When i looked at her i realized that i was the only person in the world that was there to take care of her. If your friend has a good head on her shoulders and a kind heart then she will do fine. it also helps to have a friend that is there for her : )

  2. Elizabeth's mommy said :

  3. Stephanie H said :

    She may not think she doesnt know what to do, but trust me when time comes, it will all just fall into place.

  4. Colie said :

    first of all, she should get an easy cook book. A kids one works well for starting. Besides that, get her some parenting books and have her read about how to care for a baby and parenting tips and such. Honestly, this will sound weird, but tell her to watch Jon and Kate plus Eight. Kate has some really good parenting techniques. Maybe even get her some babysitting jobs for a little extra practice. Finally, encourage patience, and understanding. Teach her to always listen to every side of a story and remind her no to overreact.

  5. Liz B said :

    I was married when I was 20 and I was pregnant at 21. If she is a hard worker like you say she is she will be fine. You learn as you go along. Some people are more immature at 30 as others are at 20. She should do what I did when I was pregnant and read lots of books. I knew absolutely nothing about babies, so I went to the library and read almost everything they had about babies and pregnancy/delivery. It really helped me a lot. You won’t use everything you read but it gives you a good start and the rest comes naturally. You just grow with your child. I hope the man she’s marrying is will be a good husband and father. Mine grew up alot when our daughter came along. He works very hard for us, and he loves his kids more than anything in the world.

  6. Laura said :

    There is nothing you can do to truly prepare you for becoming a mom. my advice would be to try and not have too many expectations that way she can’t be let down and can only be pleasantly surprised. I can’t cook either but me and my baby seem to be making it just fine. good luck

  7. !137733! said :


    hope this helped:)

  8. ◄♥RN♥► said :

    why are u asking instead of her? she will learn as she goes, as we all do…

  9. ~Aislings Mum~ ♥09.25.08♥ said :

    I’m a young mother too. While I was pregnant, I was positive that I would constantly be calling my mum asking what I was supposed to do. I even warned a few times to expect my calls.
    But once my daughter was born, I caught on very quickly on how to take care of her.

    So tell your friend not to worry, once the baby gets here, she’ll become a pro on how to take care of him/her very quickly

  10. mbrcatz said :

    Not much to say, you just have to chug along and grow into it!

    If she can read, she can cook. Get some easy cookbooks. I really like Desperation Dinners. Also, it will help if she’s got some young mother friends.

  11. Trinity said :

    there is no preparations she is going to have to take it one day at a time and tackle each situation as they come. as for the baby she can always get material to read on..books, subscribe to parenting mags, online info. and hey even get on yahoo answers and check out what questions and ad vice we are sharing on here

  12. WHITE*GIRL said :

    unfortunetly I don’t think you can read a book or do much to prepare yourself for these challenges. it takes experiance. she should surround herself with supporting friends and relitives to help her through. take it from me. I’ve been married for a year and have a almost-4 month old. I was making $50,000 yearly at my job before I left on maternity leave. and I’m 17 years old.

  13. xtrue said :

    I am 19, married, and just had my very first child. Things are difficult but she will just have to learn. Everything takes practice. Being a wife is one thing and being a mother is another. She will have to learn to be both. Wish her good luck.


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