How do you tell your boyfriend he sucks at kissing?

He honestly does everything wrong, and I don’t know how to tell him without being mean. I really like him, and he’s PERFECT except for this! please help 🙂 thank you.

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10 Responses to “How do you tell your boyfriend he sucks at kissing?”

  1. patryk11mvp said:
  2. B2theRthenWHYARE said:

    tell him he needs practice, and then i think when he gets an idea about practice through his head he may not care that he sucks


    give him some sexy lessons and dont tellhim your correcting him just tell him ‘do it like this’ then hel get the hang of it. you know. that wont hurt his feeings.

  4. spencer said:

    tell him it’s not working and you need to “experiment”


  5. nmrvile said:

    Suggest the both of you work on your kissing skills, maybe give him some tips on what you’d like him to do or try to do.

  6. Robbie said:

    just say somthing like “i’d like it more if u tryed this” or sumthing and start him on the right track.

    and dont forget practice lol

  7. Chip McWhitley said:

    You should be able to tell him why. Just be nice, and try to tell him what to improve without making him feel like he’s a failure.

  8. Jay oh Es Ach said:

    I wouldn’t tell him he sucks at kissing. That would totally crush his ego and he would turn extremely self concious about everything he does with you thinking it is wrong. Like I guess you could be playful about it and be like…no no your doing it wrong. do it like this. and kiss him and he will start to.

    ~please answer mine;_ylt=AiOY0ycEmFkn_nZ8LBIPc57sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090419194122AAUPsKT

  9. Iva said:

    Well, I don’t know. You may think that this is gay, But I do this with mine once in a while when we have nothing better to do, he thinks its funny.. I dont do it because hes bad or anything, hes not. lol. He does it with me too if there is ever something that he radomly thinks about try weither its kissing or going out to play a sport together.. lolBut You can always be like ” You want to try doing this…..” and make it a joke and see if he gets any better…

    Im probably no help sorry

  10. Corrina Fauske said:

    Incredible writing. I’ve bookmarked that without a doubt.


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