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How do you make an Valentine’s Day card without Microsoft Publisher???

I need to make at least 20 different cards and I don’t know how, please help me.

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5 Responses to “How do you make an Valentine’s Day card without Microsoft Publisher???”

  1. His Angel said :

    you can use word or powepoint!

    have you tried searching online for templates or some printables?

  2. colorado kid said :

    paper,scissors, glue, paste, glitter, magazines….cut,paste, cut, paste, fold….using markers, write, make your own….pretty much one of a kind, and a perhaps, more meaningful…..really not that hard or time consuming…and, you can do it…

  3. Matt R said :

    buy 1

  4. *~Hooker~* said :

    go back to the basics….use construction paper, crayons, glue, and glitter. the best valentine’s day cards are hand made…not computer generated

  5. Ashanza said :

    Well, there’s always Microsoft Paint, and there’s word on your computer.
    You could always just go the traditional way, where you buy stickers or use art scraps you can find at home and make your own.
    Yo ucould take old Valentine’s cards that you don’t need or want anymore, cut those up and make new ones.


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