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How do you handle 12 yr old boys with attitudes and agression?

My 12 year old is really just acting out of control, talking back, giving me attitude, and behaving really agressively. I really can’t bare to see this happening to my son, and it really disrupts the house. He really seems to be turning into a diffrent person all together,

WHAT should I do?

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3 Responses to “How do you handle 12 yr old boys with attitudes and agression?”

  1. Thug Life said:

    Respond to aggression with even more aggression. When he stumbles up and starts yelling at you like he owns the place, respond back with a thunderous roar! Show that boy who’s boss. You are simply his pawn.

  2. [email protected] said:

    I have one to mine is almost 13 in a couple months,He has been this way for awhile,It is a part of growing into a needs to be give his own space.and needs a little more time with his parents even though he may seem not interested it may take some patience on your side but he will get better in a couple years or so I am told.I give my son more responsibilities .I set down and thoroughly explain things to him I let him know that there are many consequences for his actions, He is not near as bad as he was when it first started,He is getting better . Just give your son some space and patience and let him know if he is angry he can set down and rationally communicate his feelings with you,And if he can not be rational about make him go to his room with no tv,phone or computer.I have my son read when he gets like that. well good luck.

  3. Bubbles said:

    Well, i’m not an experienced parent myself, or even a parent at all, but what always helped me, was that i had an outlet for my anger…..
    Give him something to do…….for instance, sports, art, drama….
    something he’s really interested in….
    it’ll take his aggression and use it for work and play….


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