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How do you get a date on Valentines Day?

This is the first valentines day that I don’t have someone. So its a bit weird. Well, I’ve never tried to get a date on this day and I’m wondering if all the single women will either be bitter or not have a date because they are weird or something? Well, I wouldn’t mind that I guess as long as they are good looking ha ha.

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4 Responses to “How do you get a date on Valentines Day?”

  1. Jessica C said:

    that sounds like a personal problem

  2. winkcat said:

    well it’s too late to be asking I think. If someone asked me out for Saturday this late I’d think I must have been last on their list.
    Next year ask someone out a week ahead or more. Be personable, have good manners, good hygiene, smell really good, ask them about themselves, don’t just talk about you.

  3. DudeWheresmyCat? said:

    its gonna be a S.A.D day for you


    *welcome to the club XD

  4. fsluw said:

    I think people don’t get dates for Valentine’s Day because they don’t have the confidence to approach guys.

    But, single people are definitely not bitter and I’m sure that they can actually get dates if they want.


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