How do people who supposedly care about someone detach so quickly?

Because they dont get what they want, does it mean that they never cared? How are they able to detach so quickly after years of showing care and concern?

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5 Responses to “How do people who supposedly care about someone detach so quickly?”

  1. ssanchez always one up :) said:

    Maybe bc they realize how much time they wasted.

  2. Ryde-on said:

    Disappointment and/or betrayal makes that happen easily.

  3. Serena C said:

    usually the emotional distancing is a really subtle and a gradual process that’s been going on for months. its only at the point of break up that it all hits you and u realise, it seems sudden but they’ve probably been detaching for a longer time than you guessed. if u look closely, you’ll maybe see signs of it that you hadn’t before

  4. alrozz said:

    When a relationship blooms it’s like a flower that grows slowly and buds and then blooms and dies and starts the procedure all over again. We as human beings are just like that flower and we bloom constantly, but if we don’t water it then it dies early and with this in mind it lets you know, no matter how much a person can say or love you that if it’s not nurtured it dies. This is what make people able to walk away from a marriage or any relationship it doesn’t matter…a flower needs water a relationship needs watere too water being love.

  5. Jackie East said:

    I agree betrayal and lies do it for me but oddly enuff I give men that I am in relationships with more chances than I do women that I am friends with. I am in a position at work and in life in general where ppl gravitate towards me many of them not always pure in heart and some with personal agendas. Over the years this has caused me to have. Major trust issues. I detach from family and friends easily depending on the severity of the betrayal or offense. I can’t say its a good life but I have to protect my heart. It can’t take much more.


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