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How do i start a circle jerk with my cousin?

My cousin is staying at my house this summer and neither one of us is gay. Ive always wondered if it is more fun with more guys. But i have no idea how to start this up. Please Help

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2 Responses to “How do i start a circle jerk with my cousin?”

  1. Travis said:

    You’re not gay but you want to have a circle jerk? That makes no sense, that’s disgusting. Maybe you should switch teams.

  2. pjsr said:

    About 40% of men masturbated with other guys growing up, and most of us grew up to have no homosexual behavior as adults. But don’t kid yourself, it may not define your future bahavior, but by definition this would be a homosexual act.

    I’m also assuming you are both young. If one of you is over 18 and the other under, this would be a crime.

    Also, our sexual desires are not all that ‘fixed’ when we are young. If you do stuff with another male you may find yourself drawn more and more to that behavior. So even though I did it myself some and am happily married now, I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Technically, a circle jerk takes more than two so you’d have to include a brother or some friends.

    A couple of simple ways. While I don’t recommend porn either (just stay completely away, your imagination is much better in the long run to you and your future marriage), if you are already using porn, just ask him, ‘hey, you wanna look at some porn w me?’. Once you start watching, and you’re getting hard, take your pants and shorts off and start playing with yourself. He’ll probably join you.

    The porn is not really necessary. If you are sharing a room, when you guys are getting ready to sleep say ‘i jerk off a lot. You do too, don’t you?’. Then say ‘since we’re going to bevtogether all summer, I don’t see any reason to try to hide it’ and take your pants down and start.

    If you’re wanting to masturbate each other, then if he joins you in what you are doing, then (if you have separate beds you’ll gave to move over where he is) just reach over and grab his and stroke it.

    Or you could suggest you give each other massages. Start out rubbing his back then later have him roll over. If you rub his upper thighs near his penis and the area around it, he’ll probably get hard. Then you can rub it through has underwear at first then reach in and take it out and keep stroking.

    Or just ask him the first night he’s there, “have you ever had a circle jerk? I’d like to try it, you want to?’

    it does feel better to have somebody else do it to you because you always know what you are doing and there’s no surprises. With somebody else, you’re not in control and don’t know what to expect. If you take turns then you can lay back and enjoy it without having to do any work.

    Still, if I had it to do over again I would not do it with other guys. So that’s what I’d recommend to you.


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