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How do I size a website that will fit all resolutions?

I created a website, and I was wondering how would I be able to size the website for all resolutions? I don’t want to resize any flash/pictures.. But set a default…. Thanks!

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5 Responses to “How do I size a website that will fit all resolutions?”

  1. Bomber said:

    basically you can’t you can only build your website for a particular resolution 1024×768 is a good one to work to as it’s an all round resolution

  2. Suspicious Intent said:

    One thing that might help is when you are setting the size attribute of items on your webpage you should try and use a relative percentage instead of an absolute size.

    For Example:

    this will set the height and width to 40% of whatever resolution the users browser is running at. Keep in mind that you will need to adjust any elements you add in order to maintain the correct perspective.

  3. Chas said:

    I would advise you to make them about 900 px wide. That’s so all the older 800 px screens won’t have to scroll very much and the 1024 screens will have it all with a nice little border around it.

  4. Anbulla Aswin said:

    design ur site by leaving a little space (for about 100Px) on left and right side of the page. then design a site for about 85% width and make the horizontal alignment as center

  5. Jerold Schaumberg said:

    You’ve got a very nice design for your weblog, i want this to use on my small site as well.


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