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How do I make my boyfriend like the idea of valentines day as a holiday?

Men, apparently think its pointless to have a holiday devote to love maybe cause of birthdays and anniversaries and christmas and stuff, don’t know.

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8 Responses to “How do I make my boyfriend like the idea of valentines day as a holiday?”

  1. JLD said:

    you tell him “You know what, we’re celebrating valentines day. now buy me some chocolate.”

  2. tigertour02 said:

    You cannot make anyone do anything. You appreciate it as much as you can and see if it rubs off on him. If it doesn’t, you may never be able to have him see the light. Try different things for Valentine’s and see if he likes one of them.

  3. ActingFreak49 said:

    buy him an expensive present so it will seem like an important holiday, because to them usually holidays are important when they receive presents on them

  4. ♥♥K♥♥T♥♥ said:

    give him a book of things that you guys can do like both sexual and then sweet like picnics. give it to him like 5 or so days before v day and say thats y u should like it then it gives him enough time to get you a present back

  5. Laura said:

    you don’t

  6. rlypeters said:

    you cant make him like the idea. but you can give him a little something to make him happy about the day. treat him like a dog and give him a treat.

  7. carmlboy said:

    Take em to a football game!

  8. climber girl said:

    you no what to bad for him. get him some thing sweet for valentines day and let him no it means some thing to do hes ur boyfriend if you tell him valentines day means something to you he will make it special you just have to pretty much tell him”valentines day is one of my favort holidays”


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