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How do I learn self control with my hormones?

I like 2 girls right now. But I everytime I see another girl that’s cute to me, I want to ask them out and get to know them better. Like it’s hard to drop 1 of the 2 I like, since I’ve had the biggest crush on one since 8th grade(In 10th right now), and I really like the other girl because of her looks and personality. Is there any way to learn self control over myself and my hormones?

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4 Responses to “How do I learn self control with my hormones?”

  1. 17Ansub07 said:

    i have been in ur exact same place , the best choice is to ignore the other one , because if u have a crush on a grl since 8th grade u must b really serius about her , you should let go of the other , stop making it a big deal for urself , just think that u didnt really like her , and everytime u see her dont get over concious and tell ur friends not to tease u , then with time u wont feel that way for her.

  2. Jim L said:

    You will regret it later when someone you truly love dump you
    in your furture life!!

  3. kenneth said:

    As boys and girls grow, they experience both internal and external changes in their bodies. These changes involve the growth of body parts, acne, sexual stimulation, mood swings and many more. The brain releases hormones to trigger the start of puberty. These hormones cause the changes boys and girls experience, which of course are very different for each gender. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these changes so you can more effectively control these hormones.

    Puberty in Boys

    1. Familiarize yourself with how your body is changing and understand most teens are experiencing the same thing. This will reduce insecurity. Between ages 13 and 15, boys will notice changes that include acne, growth of body parts, unexpected erections, hair and muscle growth, and more. Be prepared for how your body will change.

    2. Share your feelings with someone. Puberty for boys brings mood swings, back-and-forth emotions and insecurity. If not dealt with, these emotions can be taken out on parents, siblings, classmates, or in other ways. Learning how to share feelings is an important part of growing up and can greatly cut down on your acts of aggression and fluctuating emotions. You’ll be surprised what simple effective verbal communication will do for your sanity.

    3. Seek answers about sex. Find out why you’re having urges and learn how best to control these urges. Realize that teenage sex can lead to pregnancy. The more you know, the fewer mistakes you will make.

    4. Ask questions about puberty. Puberty is a tough time for every young boy and the more educated you are, the easier it is to deal with. Set out to be the teen that encourages and informs your peers.

  4. Spectre Jones said:

    Wow the last one seems so copy and paste… Basically this is waht you wanna do.

    1. Honestly just make a choice as to who interests you most… be their friend or at least talk to them an get a better opinion.

    2. Focus on the ones you like rather than letting the winky point you to someone else with a cute thong… cause you never know what they could be like.

    3. Honestly if your hormones are out of control… take a playboy and head to your room for some alone time… it relieves alot of those hormones an gets your mind straight even if its for 10 minutes.

    Sorry to put that out there, but its time to be real in this world. So let your mind flow and think correctly with the ladies you are interested in and just go from there, life will guide you no matter how stupid you think my statement just sounded, lmao.


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