How do I go from funny guy to potential partner? How do I know when to kiss her?

I have always got on great with girls and can make them laugh easy. I do not know how to change from laughing to kissing passionately. My friends (Including girls) say I am too nice??? My pal said I should insult her a bit?? This will get you argueing and teasing a bit. Why does this work? I have been told I am a charmer yet have never had a girlfriend even though I am 23. Any advice how to change?

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3 Responses to “How do I go from funny guy to potential partner? How do I know when to kiss her?”

  1. Lexi said:

    To be honest you shouldn’t change at all. That means you have a great heart and that’s what girls are looking for. They don’t want an ass hole of an boyfriend they want somebody to be there for them not to be teased when they are sad. So don’t change because you seem perfectly fine to me. :]

  2. tempest said:

    No don’t insult her! Teasing her is okay. Guys who are in the Friend Zone are usually there because they lack confidence in themselves. While you are joking and teasing, stand too close to her and see if she backs away. Look her in the eye and smile if she doesn’t. If she blushes and looks away but doesn’t back off, then she LIKES you. Find a way to touch her, move from touching to putting your arm around her when you walk, put your hand on her hip, touch her hair.

    Practice makes perfect. Move in. What’s the worst that could happen!

  3. Max said:

    Man up a little. Don’t try for just anything. Try to focus on a girl you like, and go for that. It seems like you’re all across the board…


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