How do I get my house clean today with a newborn and toddler?

I can’t get anything done. My baby is always hungry and my toddler gets into everything and is VERY busy. When I clean he makes messes faster than I can clean up. HELP! Need to get my whole home clean this morning, laundry, dishes, mop, vacume, and pull weeds!

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24 Responses to “How do I get my house clean today with a newborn and toddler?”

  1. catfishalomar_jr said:

    you cant, you probably need a broom or a vacuum

  2. Katz said:

    I used to do most chores at naptime or after the kids went to bed. Save vacuuming for the weekend when your husband is around to keep an eye on them.

  3. KarenK10 said:

    Do you REALLY have to do all that?
    Can’t you just do one or two things max… and the rest of the time try to relax with the kids? Take the toddler to a park and wear him out there. Or give him a job to help you with things.
    I let housework slide when mine were little. Made life easier.

  4. luckylindy0 said:

    Could they possibly take a nap at the same time? If so then just do what you can when it comes to cleaning. Try to have your toddler learn to pick up his stuff, even if it’s just a little bit.

  5. Jessica B said:

    I am 24 yrs old with a 3 year old and a 1 month old. The best thing to do is to get the toddler preoccupied. I actually had to set down rules when I clean, or let the toddler help you clean. Get him involved. As far as the baby the best time to clean is after he/she has been asleep for 10 minutes. I noticed that when my baby first goes to sleep she is coherant to everything.

    Hope this helps

  6. debrazgalaxy said:

    There is a poem out there that says something like” babies grow up much to our sorrow, housework and dishes can wait till tomorrow”
    There is more to it but I don’t recall it all. What I DID do is LIVE THIS POEM while my children were the age of your children.
    DO ONE major chore a day, during the kids afternoon naps. This will give you the feeling of accomplishment. Trust me when I tell you WE have all went thru this and you will make it with your sanity and sense of humor intact.
    Don’t let ANYTHING get in the way of kind and happy feelings withyour children. They are more important. You may try giving your toddler a chore to work withyou,just do not put down their efforts. Use praise to make the child want to help and please mama.

  7. Misty S said:

    I have 3 kids, so I understand what you’re going through. What I did was I trained my oldest 2 to pick up after themselves. This doesn’t always work, but what can you expect from a 3 year old! He gets most of the toys, and what he doesn’t get, I will pick up a few toys as I pass. As for the baby, he (or she) may not always be hungry. A lot of the crying may be just wanting to be held. My baby had to learn the hard way that Mommy has other things to do, rather than just holding him all day…even though that’s what I’d rather be doing! You need to relax, and take some time for yourself. There is ALWAYS going to be housework to do, and toys to be picked up. If you have family close by, and you really need time to get the house cleaned (not to mention some time for yourself), ask one of them to take the kids for a couple hours so you can get things done. I’ve never had that, but I have had friends that were more than happy to help out. Just relax…it will get easier!

  8. JC_Jessi said:

    Its hard but try to do while they are napping. Also get one of those things you can carry the baby in and take him/her with you as you clean the house. Let your toddler play with pots and pans as you clean the kitchen, make dinner or do the dishes. They will love to make the racket and stuff. If all else fails and if you can afford it hire a maid. Lost of collage kids ar looking to make a few extra bucks, see if you could pay them cheaply to help clean the house or at least entertain the kids while you do.

  9. jymsis said:

    Get the older one to help you. I made a game out of it when mine were little. I sang a song about what ever I was doing. “we’re makeing the bed and tucking in the sheets….” put the baby in a playpen have it in the room you’re cleaning. when the baby naps that’s the time to go out and pull a few weeds. (with the toddler) now, having said all that… don’t try to do this again. one day every now and then is great but give yourself a break. if the dishes don’t get done untill after bedtime then that’s fine.

  10. Snoochies said:

    I have a 2 and 4 year old. My 2 year old takes a nap but when he was a baby and she was sa toddler Id also have to wait until nap time or until they were in bed. The kitchen you can get done. Just put the baby in his/her seat on the table and give your toddler a snack in the highchair/booster seat. Obviously food will be on the floor but sweep the floor last. The bathrooom can get done at nap time. Laundry have you toddler help you put the clothes in the washer and dryer. I wouldnt even touch the room that they play in until they go to bed tonight. There is no point LOL You can straighten it up a little though. Make a game out of it with your toddler sing the clean up song.

    clean up clean up everybody everywhere clean up clean up everybody do your share. My kids immediatly start to pick up their toys when I start to sing that song. It took a few times at first for them to get used to it but it works.

  11. jk poet said:

    do you not have a husband to help you? if the kids are awake and need you that is your first priority, when they take a nap try to get the most important cleaning done, if you can’t then unless it is a dirty mess and not just untidy i would not worry about cleaning we all will be cleaning until we die so take care of the kids and if it gets clean it gets cleans if not maybe later or tomorrow pulling weeds is so far at the bottom of the list

  12. A WOMAN KNOW'S said:

    put your baby in a snuggly and attach it to you. that’s what i did when my daughter was little. that snuggly sure came in handy for me. i always attached her in it to my front. that way i could see her while i was getting stuff done.
    for your toddler you could make picking up a game. i use to do that with my daughter and it worked like a charm every time. we would set the timer and see how much stuff we could pick up in 2 or 3 minutes before the timer buzzed. she thought it was fun. or we would sing the barney clean up song while we picked up.

  13. ashleyeb23 said:

    Make it fun, I have my son help me. I can’t leave him alone while I go downstairs to do laundry so I have him put clothes in the dryer. And he helps me sort them too. It takes a few extra mins when he helps but I know hes not getting into somthing else. When I do dished I set him at the table with a little snack or I do them while he is eating lunch, sometimes I just say play in your room If he messes up in there I dont mind as much. It will alll come together just let him join in so you can keep an eye on him. As for the lil baby they sleep alot so you should be able to get some in between time,

  14. Luv My Boy! said:

    Hire someone. My cousin cleans for me for $40 for 3 hours, every other week. All the crappy stuff gets done so I don’t have to – vacuum, bathrooms, dusting. It’s so worth it. I figure I spend more than that on a cell phone bill a month!! And, less fighting with the hubby.

  15. SuperDomesticEngineer said:

    I have 3 kids (3 toddlers and a 4 months old baby) and my house is not always neat and organized but I have made up a structure that works for me and for them. When I cook meals I always make more than needed in order to freeze some leftovers to be used at a different day which leave me some extra time to clean up and do laundry instead of being in the kitchen. I also pick up toys just twice a day, but I have taught my kids (3 and 2 years old) to make a mess only in a designated area and to clean up before nap time and bed time. They love to be mommy little helpers and we have the Barney’s song (Clean up, clean up) for that which is fun for them. When they do not nap, they know is quiet time to draw or see story books, but still they have to clean up. Just work with them, it is time consuming st first but once they get it it is so helpful that you’ll be happy to have found more time to have a more organized home. Good luck! Oh! and when I clean up I always give them a sanll tomwel to each to help me out doing the whole dusting thing…they have a blast helping mom doing chores! Good luck!

  16. nana4dakids said:

    I have a large home and three 2 year old children. What I do is wait until they are watching Dora or something. Then pick one end of the house or the other. I clean at least part of the room and I use a baby gate to keep them out. That way I can hear them and they can come to the gate to talk to me. As the day wears on I slowly progress through the house gating off where I do not want them to go. They can always get to one of their bedrooms and the living room but the rest of the house slowly gets gated off.

    As far as the laundry is concerned, my washer and dryer are in a closet in the kitchen. Every time I go into the kitchen I put another load in.

    I must say that I have done a few things that do make my life easier. I have had hardwood floors put in and all of my furniture that they can get to is leather. I mop at night after they go to bed and if I need to mop again during the day, I do it while all 3 are down for their naps.

    I know it sounds like I am always busy and I am but I do take time every day to play with them and take them outside to play.

    Not everything gets done everyday but enough gets done to keep me from going insane.

  17. Kareā™„Bear said:

    First off, your goal of getting all that done this morining concerns me! That is a huge stressor right there.

    Give your toddler a small job to do to help you.
    Tell him you are busy with your work and he/she has her work to do, too (play is their work, plus they should be taught to help around the house, too). If s/he helps you dust or pick up his toys or put spoons in the dishwasher or something very small like that – praise her/him for the effort and move him in a new direction while you are working. Tell him/her that when they cooperate with you, you can spend time (15 mins.) with him doing his/her favorite thing. You can do that several times per day. That “fills their attention tank” so you can move on to the next thing. It’s is very hard, but remember you don’t get these days back and you don’t need to live in House Beautiful. Just tidy and organized.
    Take care of yourself as well while they are napping or resting. Good luck, mine are 13 and 18 and remember those days well!

  18. rennayo6 said:

    First thng you need to do is be honest with your self and admit that the tasks you set your self are going to be nearly impossible to achieve,as you are probably going to need to rest yourself when they finally have their naps,(which would have been the perfect time fo you to attempt such a feat).Is there anyone you can ask for help? if there is,just do so as you would be suprised at how many people will be willling to lend a hand.Also try and put as many things as you can out of the reach of your toddler.That way he won’t have too many things to mess up.Good luck!

  19. artful dodger said:

    dishes go in dishwasher (if you have one.) I use this everyday even if it isn’t full. This buys me time to get other stuff done. Start laundry, you can do this with a toddler around. Let them jump in dirty clothes piles or help put laundry in baskets… once the cycle starts you’ve got 30 minutes. Sit down and read a book, give your children your undivided attention for at least 20 minutes.

    Then you’ll be able to switch laundry. As for vaccum, do this during snack/lunch time. Give baby cheerios and toddler some of his favorite and get started but make sure you can keep an eye on them both.

    as for mopping… this requires naptime.

    You really can get it all done.

    I have 3 toddlers (2 1/2 year old twins and a 16 month old little boy) I don’t have any housecleaning help (other than someone to mow the lawn) and I’m responsible for it all. It all has to do with prioritizing time. I’m not saying it doesn’t exhaust me or that I don’t sometimes resent being the only one to do this but it can get done.

    And yes, the messes get started faster than they get cleaned up. I have started rewarding them (I jump up and down and cheer their name when they put their stuff away). I also make them put their stuff away before bed and reward them with a tablespoon full of mini m&m’s (they think it is the best ever!) While it has to be supervised to the highest degree, someday it won’t.

    Also as a tip: invest in some rubbermaid containers that they have to ask you to play with what is inside. This helps to control one mess before another gets started. This was hugely successful in my house.,

    Best wishes to you.

  20. auld mom said:

    Put baby in his/her crib for a nap, gate off the toddy from where you need to clean. Don’t try and get it perfect. Disasters are normal when you have kids in the house. As for weeding, you should be able to take baby outside with you in a stroller or portable playpen. The toddy might like to help putting the weeds into a pail for you. Our youngest children love to ‘help’ outside.

    Really laughing because I know exactly how you feel!

  21. sjeboyce said:

    I have a 18 month old and what I do is put her in her highchair and pop in a leap frog movie and do what I can during that movie then take a break to play with her

  22. Anjanette A said:

    Ok my girls are 13 montha apart. Lucky for me now they are 4 and 3 but when I had a 1 year old and a newborn this is what I did. I fed the newborn changed her and put her in the bassinet. I then took the playpen and put it in the kitchen with me so I can wash the dishes and clean the kitchen(counters, stove, tables,etc.) When it was time to clean the floor I took her out and put the playpen in the den(right next the kitchen) and I cleaned the floor) 1st job done. By time I was done w/ that stuff the newborn would be ready again to be changed and fed again. I would do that, feed and change the 1 yr old do about 15minutes of playtime and start a load of laundry. I put both babies on a learning mat and start cleaning the den(washer will take care of itself)… When I was ready to vacuum carpet both babies got put into the playpen and I vaccuumed the house. I am getting too winded… Basically what I am try ing to say is you know your babies and you know there schedule. Start saying right now “mommy needs to get this done pls do ________” Make the oldest one help you with things within his/her capabilities and work around the feedings and changings. Believe me you feel like you can’t get it done but when you do and you see what works keep doing it. It will get easier but you have to be consistant and use a schedule with those kids if you dont’ you never will get anything done.

  23. origchick said:

    honestly, when my house needs a desperate cleaning, and fast, i drink a red bull. i have 2 toddlers, a 3 1/2 yr old and a 19 month old. i know what it’s like!! i put a movie on for them or send them to their play room and i drink and get going!

  24. christina c said:

    laundry baskets….put one in everyroom everyday when something doesn’t belong in a room don’t put away put in basket at night pick the fullest basket and put need to make your self a scedule and clean one room aday as for doing it in one morning give up jsut do the most important thing fro me i would just vacume and start laundry…..and buy paper plates.


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