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How do I find the listings of pedophiles in my area?

I hear people talk about a way online that shows if their are pedophiles in their local area living. I would like to check that. What is the website to do so and is it legit and/or free, plus is it accurate?

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4 Responses to “How do I find the listings of pedophiles in my area?”

  1. Levi said :

  2. pinecone said :

    I would just call your local law enforcement I am sure they would be glad to give you a free site. Many states have databases of listed pedophiles for the public to access just to keep us safe.

  3. Mary C said :

    I live in Indianapolis, IN. There are several websites that you can go to around here to find pedophiles. Check your state’s attorney general’s website, your city/county prosecutor’s website; or ‘sex offenders’ in your area. If that fails, call your local police & someone should be able to tell you the www to check it out.

    Let me tell you a story … a long story. Several years ago, someone where my son worked went on the local website for pedophiles and found a guy in my son’s neighborhood. He told my son & when they looked on the website, my son recognized the man who frequently walked by his house. My son has 2 small daughters, plus a nephew who frequently visits. Once, when the children were playing in the yard, my son saw the pedophile watching them at the fence. My son called to the man. The man started walking off. My son called him back.

    Sonny chased him down and said, “I know who you are & I know what you do. If you ever set foot in my yard, I will kill you!”

    The next day, the pedophile’s house had a ‘for sale’ sign in the yard.

    By coincidence, my niece looked at that house to purchase. The pedophile — she didn’t know he was a pedophile — told her that her didn’t really LIVE there, he had another house in a nearby town where he lived.

    I later learned that pedophiles often maintain 2 addresses…one they list on the registry and another where they can conduct their activities with no one knowing!

    Frankly, I think that instead of having pedophiles ‘register’ they should just keep them in prison! If you have to ‘register,’ you do not belong on the outside!

  4. imcrazy189 said :

    Type the name of your state then type sex offenders so for example florida sex offenders and it will bring up a registry and allow you to see where they live, a picture, and what their crime is.


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