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How do I ask out a girl who is a really good friend?

Ahh help! There’s this girl who I’ve known since we were both babies and now we’re both 12. I secretly love/fancy her and I am very scared about asking her out. We see each other a lot going out to places and stuff but just as friends. But how do I ask her out without ruining our friendship???

Please help!

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3 Responses to “How do I ask out a girl who is a really good friend?”

  1. ღ The Queen said :

    Will you date me? Im single and lonely. Please date me.

  2. Sahid-Arune d said :

    Firstly you got to think
    Is this a friendship really worth breaking up over?
    Will we still be friends if im rejected?
    At the end of the day lifes all about taking risks so i would go for it if i was you! 😀

  3. Mary Wester said :

    dang thats a long time just ask her out and see what she says if she says no then go with it and give her some time if she says yes then good for you get the courage and wing it!


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