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How did you know when your baby was starting the teething process?

My 3-month old has started slobbering everywhere, chewing and sucking on her fingers, and she is pretty fussy (usually, she’s pretty low-key). She has started waking up several times in the middle of the night, when she was previously sleeping through. Her gums also feel kind of bumpy, and I’m pretty sure I can see a tooth or two below her gums. Could this be the cause of her erratic behavior? Thanks so much everyone.

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5 Responses to “How did you know when your baby was starting the teething process?”

  1. versantly said:

    these are great signs and may last 6-12 months. give the baby plenty to chew on, put a dry bib under the chin to preserve the skin’s integrity, and if she’s in pain -give advil.

  2. Peanut Butter said:

    I’d say she’s definitely teething! However, all of mine had these symptoms for at least a month, one of them for over 4 months, before they got their first tooth. Cold teething rings (just stick in the fridge) are nice. I don’t personally use any teething gels or medicine.

  3. Kelly M said:

    That’s exactly what my daughter did when she started teething. She also wanted me to hold her ALL THE TIME! If you can see the tooth below the gum then I’d say that’s what’s going on. When I could see my daughter’s like that it was less than 2 weeks later and she had 2 bottom teeth poking out. Give her lots of toys to chew on, and a cold damp washcloth or something to numb the pain. I used Gentle Natural’s homeopathic teething drops that I got at Kroger for my daughter and they seemed to help a lot. Good luck to you and I hope she feels better soon! That little 2-tooth smile is the cutest thing in the world!

  4. Trisha P said:

    My son’s almost 6 mos old now but he’s been acting like yours is for the past 2 months now but still no tooth. My cousin who works at a dentist office believes that, yes, they are signs that the baby’s teeth are breaking through the gums. There is no telling when it will actually reach and break the surface though. Luckily my cousin gave my baby something called a Banana Toothbrush that can be used as a teether and he loves it. If you can find it buy it! Otherwise there are many other things you can use to ease the pain.

  5. *[[PuNk_4_Liif3]]* said:

    I don’t have kids but my sisters doctor told her that some signs are they will drool a lot, can get fevers, and have the runs as well. There attitude may change because they are in pain and feel discomfort.


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